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        Category: Brand Identity

        September 17, 2017

        Kurouto Kitchenware

        Kurouto Kitchenware is an online specialty retail shop specialized in premium kitchenware tools. Kurouto was inspired by travels to Tokyo’s Kappabashi-dori district and aims to bring the Japanese prod...
        September 17, 2017

        Ritual Union – Heart of Gold

        Photography by Jamie Allio Brand Identity Design by Amarie Design Co. Revolving around an intimate, offbeat love story celebrating the union of two lovers as one, Ritual Union highlights the beauty ...
        September 17, 2017

        Troublemaker On Tour

        "Troublemaker is a wink and a nod to the early days, when a young Austin Hope was sent to the vineyards for breaking the rules and making mischief. Still stirring things up, Troublemaker is all abou...
        September 17, 2017

        District Attorney – San Luis Obispo

        Dan Dow is the current District Attorney of San Luis Obispo County.  Dan was seeking a rebrand with a new seal and identity independent of the historic San Luis Obispo county seal, and envisioned ver...
        September 17, 2017

        Copper Works Goods Co.

        Copper Works Goods is an online specialty retail shop whose flagship product is their premium crafted, 100% copper mug.  We worked together with CW Goods to craft a bold brand identity design that re...
        September 17, 2017

        Vida Muerte

        Vida Muerte was a collaborative project designed in college during Specialty Printing Technologies. Artwork by Anna Williams / Lettering by Scott Cutler Vida Muerte was a collaborative project design...